Causes And Effects: Passive And Passive Smokers

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5. Causes and Effects: Passive and Active smokers 5.1 Passive smokers Passive smoker is someone who breathe in the mixture of “Exhaled Mainstream smoke” and “Sidestream smoke”. Exhaled mainstream smoke refers to the smoke that breathed out by a smoker while sidestream smoke is the smoke that drifts from the burning at the end of the cigarette. Passive smoking is also known as second-hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke. It is an involuntary inhaltion of cigarette, pipe smoke, cigar and other smoking device of others smokers in an enclosed area, this situation normally happens on a non-smoker. The worst part is, according to the scientific research, even the passive smoker is an innocent non-smoker, by inhaling the second-hand smoke, it is still harmful to their body. (Cancer Research UK, 2016) 5.1.1 Causes of passive smokers There are a plenty of reasons to cause a non-smoker become a passive smoker. Most of the time they are unwilling and been forced to be a passive smoker. These are some causes of passive smokers. The first causes of passive smokers is mother smoke during pregnancy. Unborn babies do not have a choice to choose whether to smoke or not, but if their mothers smoke, they will be a victim of passive smoker. (Michael, 2013) As we know, baby take in everything from their mother, what mothers eat, drink and breathe in will be passed along to their growing baby. Some pregnant women think that their babies do not inhale the smoke when they are smoking

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