Essay On Hazards Of Air Pollution

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Abstract Air pollution can be defined as any contamination of the air or any type of physical alteration of the air in the atmosphere. Air pollution can be classified into the two sections of invisible or visible. It is very hazardous to the environment by making problems for people, plants and animals which can result in serious consequences to the life we know. The causes of air pollution can range from fossil fuel combustion, the operation of many modes of transportation which produce dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, mining operations, and the exhaust released from factories, industries and agriculture. The problem of air pollution is something that all people need to worry about for a safe and healthy future. Worrying alone won’t bring about change. The public must take an active stance along with our government. The government has put regulations on the environment about air pollution but there is still work to be…show more content…
Hazards can affect the environment and/or the human body. Environmental hazards include greenhouse gasses that lead to the deterioration of the Earth’s ozone layer and global warming. Health hazards can range from something as simple as a headache, nausea, or even an allergic reaction but some of the health hazards could have long-term effects to include death. Environmental Effects Air pollution is very harsh on our environment which is where we live, and we must make our environment last for generations to follow. The environmental effects aren’t just something that can be fixed quickly. The human race, must recognize the seriousness of the difficulties we face. “Pollution can damage trees, plants, crops, lakes and other waterways, oceans, coral reefs, animals and people. This applies to air pollution, pollution through toxic chemicals, litter in the ocean, pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, noise pollution and light pollution.” (, n.d., p. 1, pp.
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