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The Causes of The Aircraft accidents Since the plane was invented, air accidents have been increasingly taking place. The first accident was experienced by an engine-operated mechanic plane in 1908, with the first human causality being an American officer. A lot of civilian and military air accidents have followed ever since. According to MC-International “The numbers of victims of aviation accidents since the beginning of the current millennium until today 16,818 people were killed in a flying accident in 2529." (MCD, 2011). Searching for the reason of these accidents has become essential. In this paper how the aviation accidents happened will be examined. The main causes are presented. Firstly, how human can be the main…show more content…
81). Firstly, sometimes the pilot or crew of plane know a little about the equipment, for example, the crew of new complex electronics systems may not have a lot of information about early warning systems (Muhammad Rasheed, 2015). In Taipei, the capital of Thailand, in the taking off the co-pilot turn off the left engine instead of the right one and his lack of knowledge and experience led to the death of 39 passengers. Another example of humman error is illnesses. The pilot might suffer from an illness as in the following incident. In 1976, a South African AW flight crashed when the captain suffered a heart attack (Plane crash accident statistics, 2013).Furthermore, some pilot errors can even be the result of mental problems. A flight to Tokyo crashed in 1987 because a pilot who was known to have serious psychological problems put the plane’s engines into opposite mid-flight (Romanucci & Blandin, 2013). Not only the pilots but also air traffic controllers can cause accidents. This is anthor example of human error. Traffic controllers are also responsible for doing preparation work before the flights take off but their mistakes sometimes cause planes to crash into high mountains or to ground. For instance,…show more content…
İt is impossible to ignore them because it is very essential to be detected in a case of aviation crashes. As a result of negligence fix some malfunctions, or neglect of maintenance counters and motors, the cause of the incident. Furthermore, it is due to errors in one of the following processes: design, maintenance, manufacturing, material failure. The first example is the mechanical error. A Japanese plane crash 123, which was carrying passengers from Tokyo to Osaka on August 1985, after 22 minutes from takinging off, the Boeing 747 plane crashed into two parts. The cause of the explosion was a error in the reform process has been implemented in the plane 7 years before the incident (Rogers, 1981). Secondly, the technical fault is lossing of the outer panel of that wing which separated as a result of a fatigue crack which was induced by a faulty design of a wing flange. The final mechanical error is unexpectedly stopping of engine when the plane is flying. Likely, On March 19, 1988 nearly 111 passengers killed on Sudan Airways Flight 332 in Iowa, Because of the second engine failure in the tail installer resulting in loss of control of the plane(Mohammad Q,

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