Causes Child Labor

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Causes for the increase of child labor

' ' Child labor exists because we allow it to exist. (Ms. Shant.Sinha, pg 1, Child labour) ' ' What is child labor? Child labor can be explained as the effort done by underage children, and it takes them away from their childhood days. Child labor is increasing at a drastic rate due to the increase of people entering the ' 'home-staying loop ' ' which will then cause their sons and/or daughters to go into child laboring world by selling small things such as chewing gums, flower or even working in agriculture (Dr.Asmar.Marwan, n.d, para2, Child labour is an increasing phenomena in the Arab world.). Did anyone know that there are 248 million child laborers around the world? It is known that child laborers age differ from between 5 and 17 (Dr.Asmar.Marwan, n.d, para3, Child labour is an increasing phenomena in the Arab world.). This research will go deep into the causes for the increase of child labor in the world.
Economic: Poverty and overpopulation
Firstly, poverty and overpopulation go along with each other in some way. As a matter of a fact poor families are known to having too many kids, and when the bread winner 's income isn 't enough to satisfy their simplest needs, children are forced to work to raise the income to secure the family 's basic needs. However overpopulation in some countries leads to unemployment that plunge many people into vicious circles of poverty. ' 'Due to limited resources and more mouths to feed, more
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