Causes Of Abortion

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Abortion is a symptom of social problems in society. The act of abortion has a negative stigma in the eyes of society but ironically the increase of abortion is considered a common phenomenon. In medical science, abortion is removal of the fetus that has not been completely formed from the uterus.1 Abortion can occur accidentally or spontaneously but can also be intentional. Spontaneous abortion occurs due to fetal abnormalities or other medical indications while artificial abortion occurs without any particular medical indication. In general, abortion is allowed in both state and religious laws when there is a medical indication that threatens the mother 's life so that an abortion is necessary. If the abortion is done intentionally then it is illegal. In contrast, in Indonesia as a country that illegalized abortion, millions of women become pregnant unintentionally and many choose to end their pregnancies despite the fact that abortion is illegal.2 They will usually perform various ways to abort their uterus including in the most risky ways such as by taking pills to expel the pregnancy, by having gentle suctions with forceps or unsafe massage performed by untrained providers (for example: dukun). They consider abortion as a solution although it means solving problems with new problems. Many complications of the disease are ready to attack women who have abortions. Some women already know the negative impacts of having abortion but most women tend to ignore them. One of
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