Causes Of Air Pollution In Zimbabwe

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Air pollution is fast becoming a problem for all developing countries with Zimbabwe in particular having its own problems as a result. Unsustainable consumption patterns and production of energy resources are the leading sources of indoor and outdoor air pollutants in response to social and economic demand. For the purpose of the write up focus will be put on outdoor source of air pollution with particular focus on emissions from vehicles, electricity generation, industrial processes, waste management and agricultural activities.
It is worth noting that statistics from government departments and other organisations on pollution are scanty and at best outdated. The sources used are international sources with information that is dated.
The main air pollution sources in Harare include chemical plants, metallurgical plants smelters, petroleum refineries, cement production, fertiliser and synthetic rubber manufacturing, pulp and paper milling. The highest concentration of air pollution is in these industrial areas. The air pollutants are usually composed of SO₂, NO₂ and particulate matter that is above the air quality guidelines provide by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
The reason for the high pollution amounts is because most of these companies are using outdated machinery which emits high amounts of pollutants.
Industrial processes that include the above mentioned emit particular matter, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide and other gases that harm the

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