Causes Of Air Pollution

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Executive summary: Air is considered one of the most important elements necessary to sustain life on the surface of the earth, and the continuation of organisms alive. Without air that contains oxygen no life on the surface of this blue planet, you will not find even one appearance indicates it, but what happens if this air pollution in various the types and varieties of pollutants I wonder what will happen? Pollution is increasing every day, and there must be awareness stems from man himself, aims to get rid of these pollutants. Questions about the study, the problem revolves around the problem of the study to answer the following questions: 1. What are the natural resources that cause air pollution? 2. What are the effects and consequences arising from air pollution? 3. The recommendations and proposals in order to eliminate and alleviate air Contents Executive summary: 2 List Of Figures: 4 List Of Table: 4 Introduction: 5 Literature review: 6 Definition: of air pollution: 8 Natural sources of air pollution: 9 Results(effects) of air pollution: 12 Conclusions & Recommendations: 13 References: 14 List Of Figures: Figure1 sources of air pollutants Figure 2 Outdoor air pollution can have both natural and human activities as its source Figure3 chart for sources of emission of air pollutants List Of Table: Table 1: The table below outlines the differences between climate change and air pollution. Introduction: The air pollution of the issues that has become a

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