Causes Of Aircraft Accidents

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Aircraft accidents Aircraft accidents are the nightmares for both every pilot and aircraft passengers. Accidents can happen even when you least expect it which makes them even mere frightening. The reasons behind an aircraft accident can vary from situation to another but the main reasons are human error or most of the time it is caused by technical issues. In this essay I will address how accidents can happen which means I will in detail examine how accidents can happen which related to human error, technical issues or even accidents are caused by supernatural phenomena. First of all in my essay I will talk about human errors. Second of all I will talk about technical issues and finally I will talk about accidents caused by supernatural phenomena. Aircraft are increasingly become the most important means of transport for passengers and freight. Globalization has been made possible in principle only by the flight technique, can melt the large distances. However, there is in many people, at least subliminally, the fear of plane crashes. This fear finds its justification mainly in the often sensationalist manner in which the media treat airplane crashes. Plane crashes are always a catastrophic event, since according to their nature, often many deaths are recorded. If you look at but considering how many traffic accidents occur daily on the streets of German cities, which also call for fatalities in part, the risk of plane crashes appear but in a very other dimension. While
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