Causes Of American Colonization

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In the eighteenth century migrations to America became more popular. What was the true motivation behind these migrations can be discussed as the main two pretenders are the economy and the religion. A general thought also played an important role so from the moment colonies became more conventional English population started migrating to America. This had been happening in the mid-eighteenth century, a moment when American survival included the Great Awakening in the spiritual method. The Great Awakening was a time when powerful enthusiastic preachers travelled from one town to another, giving emotion-packed sermons which had touched listeners extremely. On the other hand, American colonies held them back by depending on England to their further survival. Still, religion had a greater encouragement on English colonization in North America. The main aim of this was bringing America closer to becoming an independent state. In North America religion had a greater impact than economy. But then again, economic part of America’s colonies was forcing them to depend on England. The key reason why they had to be determined by England was their wealth and power.

Religion formed a decent developing colonial civilisation further on. Whether it would have been agreed or disagreed upon, religion was an enormously large and important part in history of American colonization. The observance of religion was one of the leading causes for moving forward to different procedures and methods
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