Causes Of American Expansion

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How did the United States expand over the years and why? The expansion of the United States was a vital part of America’s history and greatly affects how we live today. America's early days only started in 13 states and then progressively grew to 50 states in total. The time throughout the 1800’s and what happened throughout that time greatly impacted how America expanded land, resources, opportunity, trade, and money. Two of many main causes that evoked American expansion was the amount of opportunity that America could take, the idea of Manifest destiny, and the amount of power that the US had on other countries. Two main effects of the US expansion were the amount of mistreatment towards the Native Americans and the increased amount of land…show more content…
One important cause that i will mention is the idea of Manifest destiny. This idea was thought out by Americans and is basically about how America’s government felt that they had the god given right to take land from other empires and expand to those areas. This idea and the amount of opportunity had a great impact on the US expansion and how it came to be. These documents are similar because they both prove my claim on reasoning for the US expansion. They are also similar to each other because they both explain in some way how America’s actions affected the country and other parts of the world. These documents are different because the first document which is from a information text that was written after the event is mainly stating facts on how much money the US gave to gain land from other territories. The other text is different from the text from a point of view from an american government official and is giving opinions on the influences that America had on other countries and what happened due to when their former opportunity. However, they both prove that America had some reasonable and unreasonable causes and why they felt these causes were necessary to be able to make America bigger than it already was. This was all to gain land, money, resources, trade routes and opportunity for the future of America. Overall the US expansion was caused by the amount of opportunity that America had, the idea of Manifest destiny, and the amount of power that America used to influence other
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