Animal Extinction Research Paper

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” (Mahatma Gandhi). People should understand that animal extinction can be slowed, even climate change deniers. By looking at pollution, habitat degradation, global warming/climate change, and solution, animal extinction can be helped and decrease. Firstly, to mention that animals are being hurt with human products because people leave their trash in the environment. Under many circumstances, pollution has caused an immense problem in the world. In an article by Patrice Keville, Keville says, “As one of the world’s leading polluters, the United States has a responsibility to lead the fight against climate change.” Furthermore, being one of…show more content…
For awhile, global warming has become more recent and changing the planet and the animals behaviors. So far, “Rapid climate change is already causing problems for living creatures all over the world. One problem is that weather changes are resulting in mismatches between two species that have traditionally depended on one another,” (Nakaya). Furthermore, climate change is causing more problems, that the animals are not doing their regular jobs that they are supposed to do. In addition, animals are acting unusual by coming out of hibernation to early, polar bears are thinner and less healthy, different species are moving north to get more cooler air, and some species are breeding days before they should. These occurrences are happening more often that the animals will change their behavior and not in a good way. Furthermore, with the occurrences of global warming growing rapidly, different species have to adapt to their environment. Moreover, “While it is true that living creatures have proved their ability to adapt in surprising ways, critics fear that because climate change is occurring so rapidly, it will make adaptation too difficult for many,” (Nakaya). Likewise, any living animal can adapt to their environment but not when it too fast. For example, when you get a shower or bath and you turn on the hot…show more content…
Notably, animal activists, scientists, and other people are trying to find ways to make animals extinct slow down so they can fix what is happening. In general, “[A] model can simulate the effects of threats associated with human population change, such as hunting practices, road construction, deforestation, and pollution. Such PVA [Population Viability Analysis] model help determine processes to identify and manage threats to wildlife populations and habitats, and are useful for conservation planning,” (De Souza). Indeed, with models simulating the effects of Earth and how people affect the Earth, it can help because activists and scientists can find problems that they did not see before and find a solution to those also. Not let alone, threats to wildlife can be further inspected and slowed but surely solved so that there is no more difficulties. Moreover, a huge solution to slowing down animal extinction is by slowing down global warming. Further, “With the defeat of cap-and-trade early in his administration, President Obama relied largely on executie measures as his primary means of combating climate change, During Obama’s first year in office, the EPA released new greenhouse gas emission regulations meant to restrict the CO2 output of large industrial facilities. In 2012, the EPA again released new greenhouse gas regulations, this time curbing

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