Causes Of Baby Dumping In Malaysia

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In accordance with the developments in our country, the number of teenagers who have social problems is increasing and their behavior becomes a problem because they disturbing the neighbors and others. Social issues are one undesirable situation that affects some people mentally as well as physically when facing it. this will make people view with suspicion and discomfort when looking at social delinquents. Those teenagers behave like that because of there is no other place to release their stress and problems. There are some social problems among youth in Malaysia nowadays, one of the social problems are baby dumping. Serious social problems among teenagers in Malaysia is baby dumping. Sexual promiscuity among adolescents occurs when the relationship between men and women is not controlled and ignored by those around them. Due to ignorance by the people around them, they have done illegal things which pregnancy an illegitimate child. Due to the uncontrollable relationship between man and woman, someone or both have to bear the consequences and forced to decide either to dispose of innocent babies or worse throw the baby into the trash to cover their mistakes and embarrassment.Those babies were killed in circumstances which can not be accepted by most people as the way to killing this baby is too cruel and inhumane. According to Dr. Meriam Omar Din, a psychological counselor at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur believes one of the reasons baby

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