Environmental Problems Essay

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C1: Depletion of natural resources: As the human population continues to burst, finite natural resources, such as fossil fuels, fresh water, arable land, coral reefs and frontier forests, which is placing competitive stress on the basic life sustaining resources and leading to a diminished quality of life[6].
C2: Loss of ecosystems: Biodiversity on earth is decreasing at an alarming rate. It is estimated that 140,000 species are lost every year. This is caused by pollution, weather change, destruction of habitats, and poaching, all of which are man-made problems. Biodiversity is not only a problem in itself, but it also produces many other problems. Along with the various species that are lost every time, ecosystems are destroyed by the day. The destruction of these ecosystems have seismic effects on our lives and our future[5].
C3: Increased global warming and climate change: "The largest single risk to
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It is a long term process [7]. The promise of jobs and prosperity, among other factors, pulls people to cities. Half of the people already live in cities; by 2050 two-thirds of the human population are expected to live in urban areas. But in cities the most two pressing problems facing the world today also come together: poverty and environmental degradation [4]
C11: Migration: Immigration is a main problem in some parts of the world. If the inhabitants of various countries migrate to a particular part of the world and decided to settle in that region, the area has to face the negative effects of overpopulation. The area becomes over populated. People inhabiting the area experience scarcity of resources. This leads to uneven distribution of basic necessities which is a direct consequence of overpopulation [6].
Implementation of IFCM model to the study
According to the expert’s opinion the connection matrix M associated with the IFCM obtained
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