Causes Of Bushfires

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What characterises this kind of event Bushfires are a mostly natural phemomena and largest natural hazard which is caused by many factors, but for a fire to start there needs to be fuel which can be in the forms of wood or leaves which can cause it to reach an ignition point. The causes of bushfires can be spontaneous combustion, lighting or even an accidental flame. Australia in particual have very severe fires due to the native eucalyptus tree which contains large amounts of oil. Even if this is the case, bushfires are an important part of regulating the natural ecosystem and landscape with many of Australia 's native plants needing fires to regenerate and flourish as well as much of the fauna is dominated by drought and fire tolerant vegetation. Between 1967 and 1999 bushfires cost $2.5 billion which is 7.1% of australias cost for natural disasters. These fires are not just major ones such as the canberra bushfire which killed 4 people and destroyed 500 houses as well as pine plantations and natural bushland but also the number of small ones that occur almost every summer. Where do these occur The climate in Australia makes it very difficult to prevent fires with the generally dry and hot climate. From collective data from Geoscience Australia it is clear to see the varied fire seasons for Australia, for instance “for most of southern Australia, the danger period is summer and autumn. For New South Wales and southern Queensland, the risk peaks usually occurs in

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