Causes Of Capitalism In Europe

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Is it Eurocentric to argue that capitalism caused Europe’s divergence? Many writers believe that capitalism, as an economic system, emerged in the seventeenth century in Europe manly taking Britain at the centre. Where there exists an argument that capitalist market practices in history emerge in Europe mainly Britain, commercial engagement is very historic in many other parts of the world out of Europe as well. However, Eurocentric writers strive to show that capitalism belongs to Europe as it was intended outcome and they believe they were more advanced than any other part of the world. My argument in this paper will address basic features of what Eurocentrism is all about to elucidate its link to capitalism. Firstly, a definition is given for the term Eurocentrism. Secondly, basic features of capitalism are stated and an argument on whether the cause for European divergence is capitalism or not is discussed. Having such discussion, a conclusion is made. Eurocentrism is a view which states Europeans are different and advanced. European ethnocentricity is the most apparent sense for Eeurocentrism (Hostettler, 2012 p.2). In one or another way it asserts the Europian supremacy over the rest of the world. This note truly undermines or excludes all other societies other than Europe. Europeans believed as they are exceptional and superior racially, culturally and even environmentally as well. From here, what can be grasped is Eurocentrism is an emphasis on European thoughts,
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