Causes Of Cell Phone Addiction

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The age of technology has become a peak in the generations throughout time. Humans have taken an interest in mobile devices, but in certain cases, they have taken it to the extreme. It is becoming more aware that most people who own a cellular device have developed a disease called cell phone addiction. Cell phone addiction is an addiction caused by the obsessive need of a cellular device. Those with this kind of addiction often are unable to go a certain amount of time without a device, in some severe cases, withdrawal from the addiction and usage of the device can cause terrible health effects in all aspects. Cell Phone addiction is a serious problem that unfortunately affects most of society. Throughout the years, studies have shown that…show more content…
I have seen cell phone addiction in person and it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Countless nights I have spent awake and unable to sleep for the reason being that my parents took my phone away. My trouble sleeping was also due to my regular routine of staying up late and altered sleep schedule. This problem not only plagues myself, but those around me. Millennials of the 21st century are notably suffering from this addiction; spending limitless nights awake checking their social media handles and “socializing” with others their age online. I rebel against this problem because I have learned from past experience that cell phone addiction is a dilemma that hurts not only your health, but social life too. The attachment to mobile devices has gotten so severe, that there is hardly any more human interaction. Cell phone addiction is a serious nightmare that has come to life and is affecting those around the…show more content…
Solutions that could be used to solve this problem are certain restrictions that disable the phone after certain times. These restrictions could extend to certain times during the day where people are unable to use their cell phones or certain places that automatically shut down the devices. Those who agree with cell phone addiction being a problem stand by the idea of restricting access to mobile devices, seeing as this may also aid in the withdrawal from the devices. This debate should be a worldwide matter and should be taken to the government because it affects a whole nation. The government is more able to enable restrictions and laws that aid in the solution to cell phone addiction. The world has grown too dependent on mobile devices, so much so, androids know more than human. These devices have already taken over the human mind, how long will it be until they dominate the
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