Cerebral Palsy

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“Cerebral palsy is a physical impairment that affects the development of movement. Impairment can vary considerably and no two people with cerebral palsy are affected in exactly the same way. The problems that children and adults with cerebral palsy face, including discrimination, are often similar” (Rosenbaum, 2003).Cerebral palsy can identified as an impairment that prevents the muscles from doing what it is supposed to do. Children with cerebral palsy often have problems that include muscle weakness, stiffness, awkwardness, slowness, shakiness and difficulty with balance.
Cerebral palsy is a very complex disorder and consists of various subtypes. The first subtype is Spastic cerebral palsy. This is the more common subtype, which can found
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This explains Jamie condition. Here are some of the other causes of cerebral palsy. Firstly, cerebral palsy can also develop in children when the brain does not grow properly. Children are also likely to develop cerebral palsy in the early months of pregnancy for example when the mother is exposed to certain infections such as Rubella (German measles) or Cytomea lovirus. During labour or at birth for example when the baby does not receive enough oxygen and lastly in the period shortly after birth for example when an infant develops a severe infection such as meningitis in the first few days or weeks of life causing permanent brain…show more content…
Her communication skills are very poor and her speech is like a three year old. For example when she wants to go to the bathroom she would just say, “Toilet” or “pee.” Her movement is very slow which is common for a person that finds it difficult to balance properly. The Occupational therapist told me that Jamie struggles to stand/balance on one leg or even do a normal squat during their sessions. She also told me that Jamie loves her sessions but cannot remember people’s names. For example, when she sees the occupational in the corridors she will jump meaning that she remembers face but not the name and by jumping gives us an indication that she associates the occupational therapist with Physical Education. Jamie is incapable of doing what the rest of the class find so easy to do. Jamie is the only learner with Cerebral palsy in her class, which I think, could be frustrating to her at times. Not being able to do or participate in activities with the rest of the class can make one feel neglected or like an
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