Causes Of Cheating In Examination

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I. Introduction
A. Attraction Sentence (2 Marks) When you are in the moment of struggling during examination, you feel that there are pairs of eyes looking around you and the entire examination hall. Then, you start to hear some whispers around. B. General Statements
The first thing you think of is that someone is trying to cheat during exam. Cheating is a form of academic dishonesty act. Cheating in exams occurred when students bring unnecessary things or unauthorised materials into the examination hall or trying to communicate with others during exams. Recently, cheating among examinees is an upsurge of concern by many parties. Many questions keep surfaced as why students tend to cheat during exams? Students tend to
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Thesis Statement
Performance concerns, external pressures and lack of effort are therefore, the causes that lead to cheating in exams.
II. Body
A. Topic Sentence (2 Marks)
One of the causes that lead to cheating in exams is the performance concerns of students.
1. Supporting Point (2 Marks)
Cheating was a consequence of the examinees’ wish to obtain better grades or to excel. Good grades are now seen as a vital criterion to achieve for every student no matter in which stages of education. In order for that, they will pay off with any cost to excel in their academic studies.
a. Specific Detail (2
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Graduate with a degree has made compulsory for students nowadays as the minimal demand for survival. By securing a place in top universities, financial loan or scholarships are taken by the parents as the key to social mobility.

C. Topic Sentence (2 Marks)
Last but not least, the reason that causes cheating in exams is lack of effort from the students.
1. Supporting Point (2 Marks) Lack of effort in studies is now a serious problem in our society. Thanks to the advanced technology nowadays, many students are addicted to the new technology inventions which later give rise to this problem. They are willing to spend much of their time in playing online games, social networking then doing their study or reading books. Some of them may even play truant. In the consequence, they were unable to keep up with what have been taught during class and results in cheating when exams.
a. Specific Detail (2 Marks)
According to Desalegn and Berhan (2014), there are 25.7% of students reportedly cheating due to unprepared for exams.
b. Specific Detail (2 Marks)
Students who have good memories will be able to memorise and excel in exams whereas those students who are weak or reluctant to do complete preparation before exams will resort cheating as a way to pass their

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