Ban Child Labour In Africa

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Children are the best blessing to humanity and childhood is an essential stage of human’s life as it is the base for the future of any society. Under hard conditions, children are forced to leave education and start working at a very young age, which is called child labour phenomena. Child labour becomes one of the main problems that faces all countries in the world, poverty and barriers to education are from reasons that lead to this problem. In Egypt as in many developing countries, child labour consider as an important problem that has dangerous effects on the children and society.

According to Rena(2009), poverty is often known as the main cause of child labour. Because of poverty ,Countless kids are compelled
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According to karabegovi and Clemens(2005), one of the solutions that may end this problem is bans on child labour and decreasing in free trade. Studying this solution indicates that the probability of child labour is depend on the parent’s poverty (Shahina Amin, Shakil Quayes, and Janet Rives2004), an earlier study indicates that poverty is one of the main reasons for child labour in Africa (Assefa Admassie 2002). This studies indicate that ban child labour without dealing with the main reason, which is poverty and low productivity is not the solution. Ban child labour may cause negative effects as it will not compensate the loss of money that the parents need, also it will force the children to work in illegal or black markets which will be dangerous. In fact child labour is an issue that we must get rid of, but banning will increase the problem instead of ending it (Dessy and…show more content…
We shouldn’t blame on children for being the way they are, poverty and hard conditions are the responsible reasons for this, children are just victims. We should create a minimum family income and aware the parents of the importance of education, as the reason for most of the families that force their children to work is getting money or see that there is no value in education. If we help the poor families by giving them income in order to complete their life, the percentage of children that forced to work in order to get money will decrease. Second solution is to take care of education and develop the poor quality schools, We should help the parents to learn that learner child will help them and help the

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