Causes Of Climate Change

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Topic : Human activities have been a major cause of climate change . To what extent do you agree or disagree ? In modern life , human beings have been undergoing climate change , which is defined as a change in the pattern of weather and related changes in oceans , land , surfaces and ice sheet by Australia Academy of science . There is undeniable fact that the modern world has to encouter challenges concering climate change such as the higher average temperature , more droughts, wilder weather and shrinking ice sea . it is firmly believed that natural causes involving vocalnic eruption , ocean current , solar variation and the earth 's orbital change are primarily responsible for substantial climate change . Nevertheless , if all issues related to climate change are taken into deliberate consideration , a conclusion drawn will be that human activities are a chief culprit of climate change . Significant changes in climate are regarded as a severe consequence of environmentaaly damaging human activities including deforestation , fossil fuel combustion and irrational land use. The initial factor showing human significant contribution to climate change is deforestation. Human beings destroy forests to create farmland and pay the way for industrial development , become a common phenomenon . According to Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations , approximately 129 million hectares of forests - an area almost equivalent in size to North African- has

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