Causes Of Colonization In English

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Colonization is “processes involving the establishment, often by force, of communities of English speakers in territories around the world.” (Leith, Seargeant 102) To illustrate this, It is when English speaking nations occupy, suppress or invade another nations or territories by force to spread its power and position around the world while maintaining economic and culture links with England. The main motives of colonization when English started to emerge are political, religious, economical and social. Colonization is the fundamental reason for English being a global language. It began first within the British isles then beyond it to Americas, Africa and Australia. According to Kashru’s model of three circles, the usage of English language in the inner and outer circles countries was mostly because of their relationship with the colonization. This essay will examine the patterns of colonization, Its linguistic consequences, elaboration of colonization in the USA and Kashru’s model that describes the spread of English globally. (102-105)

The patterns of English that are based on different geographical locations and sociopolitical reasons are displacement, subjection and replacement. The term Displacement refers to “a substantial settlement by first-language speakers of English displaced the precolonial population”(105) displacement usually represents the countries in the inner circle. An example of displacement is North America by “ immigration of native
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