Cause And Effect Essay Concussions

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It isn't a secret that football is a dangerous sport, one of the common injuries are concussions, even though helmets are worn. The cause of these injuries is due to head trauma which in turn causes concussions. Too many could cause an impact to the brain called degenerative brain disease. "Each year in the United States, an estimated 1.1 to 1.9 million sports- and recreation-related concussions occur among children aged 18 years and younger. 1–3 Potential long-lasting effects of concussions on developing brains include decreased physical, cognitive, emotional, and sleep health." Said, Jingzhen, Yang "New and Recurrent Concussions in High-School Athletes Before and After Traumatic Brain Injury Laws, 2005–2016." (1). This is a huge issue especially since the brains are still developing. It is crucial for children to protect their heads because the brain is so fragile in the developing stage. A way to eliminate these head injuries would be to redesign helmets and make it so that the helmets absorb more of the impact. This would reduce concussions, and in turn would reduce brain injuries that would impact the skills performed by the brain. Think about what happens to the brain on impact, it moves forward very quickly, and bangs into the skull. If there were more padding around the helmet then the head wouldn’t have much…show more content…
Postmortem analyses of the brains of players who died relatively young have revealed signs of neurodegeneration similar to that found in Alzheimer’s disease." Said, Michael Miller, "Concussions in Football" (2). Miller states a good reason why we need to find a solution for the amount of concussions that happen while playing football. The effect that multiple concussions have on a person is
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