Causes Of Conflict Among Society

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Centre for South Asian Studies Pondicherry University Introduction to Society, Culture and Economy of South Asia How Religion Contribute Conflict among Citizens Name: Sausan Shareef UMISARC, 1st Year Semester: Jan 2016 Table of contents How Religion Contribute Conflict among Citizens 3 Introduction 3 Religions leading to conflict 3 How to overcome Religious Conflicts 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 How Religion Contribute Conflict among Citizens Introduction South Asia is the origin of various religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism. From ancient times till today, we can see different religions being practiced in different parts of this Sub-Continent. Except Maldives, other countries in South Asia have more than one religion. India is the vast country with maximum number of religions being practiced. Religion plays an important role in any society. It becomes the main identity of the person. It is the primary motivation of good hopes and good behavior. Through the beliefs of religion, the evil behavior of humans are controlled. However, these beliefs also contribute into conflicts among society. Different religions has different beliefs. One’s beliefs does not match with another. In a society if the beliefs are different, then one should compromise or understand another. However, people do not compromise with religion because they think that it will be a sin. This leads religion to be a
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