The Cause Of Conflict In Ireland

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At the turn of the century Britain was the foremost world power and the British Empire stretched over two-thirds of the globe. Despite the extend of ıts power, ıts most troublesome colony had always been the one closest to it, Ireland. For seven hundured years Britain’s rule over Ireland had been resisted by attempts at rebellion and revolution. The power bases of division in Ireland is major conten for this text. The text examine that what are the causes of conflict which divided the land of Ireland. All historical researchs about the Ireland Conflict shows that there were some major causes for this conflict in that religional, ethnic and economic key differences which effect the political attitudes on the ground. In Additionaly, political…show more content…
Norman Barons who quickly managed to conquer most of the country. They managed the Ireland with colonisation strategy. The imperial capital had a major role to play.This capitalwas the London. Thousands of Scottish and English settler were move to Ireland’s land confiscated from the Native Irısh community who was the Catholic Gaelic community. This dangerous step was encountered two diffrenet community. These new settlers were also Protestant , a feature that seperated them from the Catholic Irısh community. This was important key to this conflict and the most affective cause of seperation. ‘Consequently, religion in the concrete church forms it takes on in Ireland bears significant direct responsibilty for social division and indirect responsibility for…show more content…
Protestan Community had more advantages than the Catholic Community and this situation particularly was supported by Cromwell and his ‘Cromwellian Plantation.’ Creating of this injustice condition was another important cause to seperation of Catholic and Protestant communities.
The whole situation about the Ireland conflict refer another important question that why the British Empire want these land to much. The island of Ireland had several advantages for the British Empire. First of all, Ireland’s long-standing strategic importence to The Britain. Ireland constituted a important strategic asset which provide vital controling over the Atlantic coast.
Another key substance of Ireland is that Ireland is central and ancient component of vast British Empire. Demonstration effects based on the relationship between Ireland and ıts masters had potentially very huge implications for other British colonies. Last but not the least importance of Ireland is that Industrial revolution caused raw material shortage in the England. Thus, the British Empire provided material needs from own colonies. Ireland was the most important growth for The British

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