Causes Of Conflict In The Kite Runner

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“The Book said part of the reason Pashtuns had oppressed the Hazaras was that Pashtuns were Sunni Muslims while Hazaras were Shi’a.”This quote from Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner shows us that many conflicts among social groups can arise through a religious belief that one group is inferior to the other hence should be treated as such. Religious and racial discrimination causes for major and minor conflicts amongst social groups. We know how many horrible things have happened because of religious and racial discrimination. One group thinking they are better than another based on moronic rationale. People use religion and race to justify their thinking and actions. This has been happening for centuries.We can all look into the past and find…show more content…
In the nineteenth century Hazaras tried rising against the Pashtuns, but met with horrible violence. Pashtuns killed Hazaras, burned their home, sold their women and drove them from their lands. The reason for this is Pashtuns Muslims are Sunni and Hazaras are Shi’a Muslims. Here we can see that the reason the Pashtuns hate the Hazaras is given by which sect of Muslim they are. In the novel The Kite Runner Taliban went door to door calling for the men and the boys and shot them in front of their families. They sometimes went into their homes and opened fire around the room. Assef who was one of the men who did this felt liberated shooting them knowing he was doing God’s work. Assef killed all those people feeling no remorse because he thought that is what God wanted him to do. Does God really want mass murders of innocent people, if he created man did he create lower sects just to be…show more content…
Tiwari refused to let the Dalit family, all elderly people going to the temple to perform their Hindu rituals, to set foot in the holy place. He went to the extreme measures of killing a man all because he believed that based on his caste he should not be able to pray in his temple. Dalits have a troubled history in Uttar Pradesh. A Dalit girl in Ganeshpura village was fetching water from a hand pump when her shadow touched a passing upper caste man. She was then harassed and threatened with murder by the women of his family. In another village called Patterdawa a 17 year old girl was set on fire by upper caste men for wanting to pursue her studies and take intermediary examinations. People have the craziest beliefs and get riled up for the most menial things. So many injustices happen in the world everyday all justified by religion and race but never truly

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