Causes Of Conflict In The Philippines

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The Mindanao conflict is the most long standing conflict within the republic of Philippines. The Mindanao conflict is about the people from Mindanao prefer to be called Moros rather than Filipinos believing that they weren’t part of the Philippines and these struggles reach to the present day with some Moros are continuing the fight to strive for their own independence. Tracing back where it started during the American colonial rule in the early 1920’s. 25 years before the American sponsored the Philippines’ independence there was a peace movement that asserted sovereign from the soon to be Republic of the Philippines. They wanted to be separated from the people with Christians as a majority of their religion.
Even though the American managed the political system and the structure of governance of the Philippines wherein the ideals was in the line of democracy and liberalism but the Muslims don’t seem to believe that those ideals can be put into practice by a Christian-led Filipino government thus a Muslim secessionist movement was created it was a political undertaking to create a nation state that is seen as not possible under the process of Philippine nation-state building. Despite that the decision of the USA government nonetheless the decision of the USA government to grant independence to the Philippines with the integration of the Muslim people and their lands into a single Philippine statehood compelled Muslim leaders to abandon their quest for a sovereign nation

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