Causes Of Conflict In The Workplace

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Conflict refers to a form of dissimilarity, friction, or dispute arising within a group when actions and values of one member or more members of the group are intolerable, inacceptable, or resisted by another member in the same group. Conflict can occur in home, community, organizations, international relations, and workplace. Conflict in workplace occurs in individuals, between individuals, groups and teams. The main cause of organizational conflict is cultural conflict; culture is a set of values, beliefs, attributes, attitudes or practices that a member shares in a group. Differences in work styles, education, and disability are other factors that contribute to cross-cultural differences in workplace. Causes of cultural conflict: The major 9 causes of cultural conflict in workplace are: o Misunderstanding: culture misunderstanding occurs when word, social context, sign, action… has different significance between two cultures. For example: politeness in cultures. Politeness in Japan differs than that in Arab world. o Personal clashes: personal clashes occur when peoples judgments, and initiatives that are related to the job are in conflict or when two people just don’t get along, and that because people differentiate in their communication styles and life styles. o Lack of communication: lack of communication occurs between managers and employees, and between individual employees. There are barriers that lead to lack of communication like language, physical, emotional,
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