Causes Of Corruption In Leadership And Corruption Essay

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Corruption in leadership/government

What I Know, Assume, or Imagine
The issue of corruption in leadership has been rampant nowadays. Corruption is like a disease that eats the society and affects everyone in it. I think that we as followers are partly to blame for the occurrence of corruption. This is because we allow it to get to situations that benefit us. A good example is when people offer bribes to the officials of a certain big company to get employment and yet they are qualified to get it anyway but want to be sure that they will get the chance. This is common in third world countries especially in Africa where employment opportunities are very few and because of corruption, even the educated do not get the jobs that they deserve, rather, such jobs are given to the uneducated lot who offer bribes to get the job. Corruption in leadership reflects societal rot.
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Most people assume that they cannot get what they work hard to get because of corruption in leadership. The assumption is always that when a chance comes up for a job opportunity and one does not know any influential leader in that organization, then they have a lesser chance of getting the job and therefore, do the ‘normal thing’, engage in corruption to try and increase their chances of getting it. Even though this may have worked well for most people, it is a rot in the society. People should stand up for their rights and fight corruption as it is a destroyer of a nation. In most African countries, corruption is so rampant especially in the police force such that when you see a police officer approaching you, you only need to have some money in your pocket, so that you can get away with anything wrong you may have been doing (Rotberg 307). In such a society however, there is bound to be slowed progress or no progress as corruption kills the success of a

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