Causes Of Corruption In Nigeria

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Case study 2 (Nigeria)

Nigeria is considered to be a developing country is west of Africa, which experienced period and levels of corruption, political instability, mismanagement all of that by their government. Those things had hindered Nigeria from development. The major problem was corruption, which was Nigeria biggest challenge ever as it was clearly shown to every citizen and other countries. Corruption in Nigeria was found in every sector you can think of . Moving On we will clarify the types of corruption that is applied within Nigeria , and they are explained below . Causes of corruption in Nigeria:
Overpopulation; the cause of over population in a country may include; good food production, improvement in public health, illiteracy, poverty and diseases
Unemployment also cause corruption where by people who are jobless have actively looked in the past and some of the employed have saved enough money Poverty; most of the Nigerians lives in poverty line, not having access to resources, transpiration, education, employment and child care

Types of corruption in Nigeria;
1. Professional corruption; this is where citizen of a country are involved in duplication of many things for example money, medicine and supplication of goods and services which are expired through changing the expiry dates
2. Police or administrative corruption for example officers misuse of police authority for personal again. This lesson discusses the different types of police corruption.

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