Causes Of Corruption In Pakistan

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Bribery and corruption in government departments of Pakistan:
Different government and non-government departments of Pakistan have been known as extremely corrupt departments but a survey conducted by Transparency International, a non-government organization which studies corruption and bribery all around the world included some reputable departments in the list as well. These departments include police, political parties, government and public officials, parliament, health department, judicial and education system, NGOs, media, military and religious sectors.
A survey was conducted by Transparency International involving 1000 participants, published on Tuesday. The observations of the survey showed greatest corruption in police and public officials that is 86%, 84% corruption was found in political parties, 76% in parliament, 66% in medical and health associations and judicial services, 64% in education system, 62% in NGOs, 54% in religious groups and the lowest percentage of corruption was found in media and military departments.
The survey concluded that most of the Pakistanis are forced to pay bribes when dealing for lands or come in contact with the land department. It was also revealed that the police receive 65% of bribes, judicial system takes 36% and education system takes 16% bribes.
People have different views about increased corruption in Pakistan, some say it has increased by 54% and 18% of Pakistani population believe that the rate of corruption in Pakistan has

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