Causes Of Corruption In Thailand

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All levels of Thai society are corrupted, from low to high stratum, corruption has become a major issue in Thailand. How do you define corruption? The definition from dictionary would say ‘a dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery’. But for me corruption can be classified as repulsive, exquisite, powerful, ascend, and political, depends on the situation and consequence. There are many types of corruption, a judge who prevent to arbitrate with honesty because of the side of their belief in politics is called corruption, intend not to have an election also counts as corruption. Above all, dishonesty of a police officer could lead to foreseeable risks such as property damage or even cause death, all of this police officer should count as criminal trial. I personally don’t trust in police organisation and local government in Thailand.
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Same as corruption, it kills the evolution of the country, less opportunity courses for talented people who has no back up, it slows down the country. You can clearly see the difference between countries who has less corruption like Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Canada or a new born country like Singapore. In developed countries with no corruption people are equal, they are satisfied with what they have, they don’t have to drive themselves very hard to be accepted in the sociality because there is no big gab in a society. Corruption also discourages poor people from accessing health services and negatively impacts health outcomes, in developed countries don’t have this

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