Corruption With The Italian Mafia

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Marcos Castaneda
Mr. Reimers
Period 7
9 March 2018
Corruption with the Italian Mafia (Flesch-Kincaid Level 11.1)
Throughout the nineteenth century, the people of Europe discovered sinister ways to make a continuous profit. It all started off with vice actions and unfairness. As many countries like the United States, many will attempt to keep the justice and order inside. Unfortunately, it could not be resisted, and it eventually became the start of a new corruption. Although very small as it started, the Italian Mafia eventually rises and will proceed to influence itself, and the United States. The Sicilians have been living a really rough time in Italy. The island of Sicily was an island that has been controlled until the middle of the
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How the Mafia works then after is that they would refuse to get aid from the government by any means. If anyone does so, they would be targeted by the bosses and get killed. They would not cooperate with the laws, and they would rather obtain and settle things by their own hands, which originally came from why they wanted to make these clans in the first place.
Guns and have been a very important factor for the rise of the Italian mafia. Without good weaponry, they would not have been feared or powerful when they first tried to only protect and secure themselves from foreign attacks. The Sicilians would also not have grown and gained power that quickly because since they had to do a lot of murders, the guns made the killing faster and more
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Like the Mafia, Britain was suffering from economy shrinkage and power. Their motive was to imperialize again and be a stronger global superpower. The British East India Company had been claimed to help get their method of profit working. The British East India Company would illegally import opium in China to get them addicted and buy more. People develop addictions because of being introduced and liking a product that they consume the first few times. Eventually, if they keep consuming that product, they will want to keep having it, so they will waste more time and money on that product that they want to keep using. This will drain the sliver out of China and go back to the previous holders of it. The British would formally take advantage of their weakness and keep collecting opium to sell to China. The Mafia was similar since they abuse their extortion by making civilians think they need to pay in order to be safe and happy. They both went against their rights and pursue to just get what they wanted. They also have very

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