Causes Of Crime In Malaysia

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First factor that cause rising crime in Malaysia is poverty. Basic needs such as house, healthcare, education and employment may force individual in this category to commit crime. (Asad Ullah, 2013) Since most of Malaysians receive an average or median monthly income, the reality of poverty does not reflect obviously in our country. For example, earning a monthly income in a village area may give someone able to live comfortably, while the same amount of income however may not be sufficient for those who live in big cities due to high cost of living. Income inequality caused by imbalance of economic development and the lack of job opportunities due to the slow and instable economy has contributed to poverty and the increase of social aliments. While poverty is a socio-economic problem, attitude also plays a role. The poor as usually burdened with debts, are less educated, have limited health coverage, a bigger family to take care of, and are more vulnerable to succumb to crime. (Johari Yap, 2016)
Secondly, family background will also be a factor that increasing the crime rates in Malaysia. There are a lot of different conditions that happened in families that often lead people to get into a life of crime. Nowadays, many of the parents spent more time on their working instead of taking care of their children. Thus, it causes some children live in a family that lack of love and attention from their parents. Sometimes, children will try to do something to attract their parents’

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