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The outspread use of the word ‘crime’ makes it significant to define the boundaries which create it. Crime is a harmful deed or omission against the community which the public desires to inhibit and which upon conviction, is punishable through fine, imprisonment, or death penalty. In the last decade, crime persists as one of the most prevailing and challenging aspects in society. Therefore, what causes crime ? The cause of crime is poor parenting skills. As an example, Parveen (2012) reported the case of a couple faced jail because they committed four counts of child cruelty. The characters and mentalities of growing children will be affected if family is not well constructed. Hence, parents who developed poor parenting skills will eventually lead their children to commit crime in the future. First and foremost, when parents developed poor parenting skills, their children will be depressed. Poor parenting skills includes when children are neglected or abused. The power of a good household has in modelling the personality and mentalities of growing children cannot be misjudged. Parents who work all the time nowadays tends to disregard their children. Worse still, when their pressure of work multiplies, they are inevitably abuse their children…show more content…
Consequently, the rate of crime increases and people will become more fearful as their lives are more constrained. However, if parents allocate more time to accompany or monitor their child’s development, they are less likely to commit crimes as they grow older. According to Albert Einstein, the people who do evil will not destroy the world, but the world will destroy by the people who watch and sit without doing anything. Therefore, to create a safe place for a society to live in, necessary action must be taken by all society members including the governments and people in order to keep it a crime-free

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