Causes Of Cultural Change In The Caribbean

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culture is learned, and it varies tremendously from society to society. We begin learning our culture from the moment we are born, as socialization educates us on what is acceptable within a particular society. Although cultures vary dramatically, they all consist of two parts: material culture and nonmaterial culture. According to sparknotes (2016) “culture is everything made, learned, or shared by the members of a society, including values, beliefs, behaviors, and material objects.” Cultural Change modification of a society through innovation, invention, discovery, or contact with other societies (Merriam Webster). In my opinion and experiences the main drivers of cultural change in the Caribbean are: Invention, Acculturation and Interculturation, Technology and Globalization According to Global Sociology (2012),” invention is the process whereby new cultural elements are created, often, out of previously existing elements, such as the radio, the computer or the microchip”. The Caribbean as undergo several changes in culture due to the invention of different items, because individuals start to use the new items in their daily lives instead of using the former ways to carry out activities. , back in the days there were no phones with touch screen or no internet to send out emails but now companies have invented different kind of phones that have changed our culture drastically. Moreover, we hardly find persons sending mails at the post office but instead they just
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