Causes Of Daisy's Downfall Of The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby had many things happen in his lifetime, but one major thing was a girl named Daisy. Daisy was not a good women. During Gatsby 's lifetime there was a few problems. Gatsby fell in love with a girl named Daisy, which later on Daisy goes back and forth between Gatsby and her husband Tom. Gatsby is devastated by this whole thing. Gatsby 's major downfall was when him and Daisy began talking again, and Daisy ended up leaving Gastby for her husband Tom. Gatsby wanted Daisy to tell Tom, her husband that she never loved him. But, of course Daisy did not want to tell Tom that. On page 116, Gatsby 's says, “He wants nothing less of Daisy than that she should tell tell Tom, I never loved you.” Gatsby is saying that since he cleaned up the old man he was, Daisy needs to forget everything in her past. Gatsby had never wanted someone else. On page 125, Daisy had said she loved Gatsby. Gatsby had dreams to be with Daisy. That 's all Gatsby ever wanted was to have a relationship with Daisy, without her loving her husband. Gatsby couldn 't hide the truth…show more content…
During Gatsby and Daisy 's relationship, Tom had found out something that he never knew before, which affected him and Gatsby. Tom never knew that Gatsby had talked to Daisy five years before this. On page 138, Gatsby tells Tom, “I told you what 's been going on, going on for five years, and you didn 't know.” Knowing this it affects their relationship because Tom never knew that they had seen each other five years before this. Daisy seemed to be playing with Gatsby 's heart too much. Daisy didn 't wanna leave Tom, but also didn 't want to leave Gastby. They both loved each other, Daisy just seemed to still have a connection with her husband Tom. On page 142, Tom tells Gatsby and Daisy to head on home by saying, “You two start on home now.” Feelings was a major problem, everybody seemed to want to play with eachothers hearts. Especially Daisy, she thought she could do what she wanted and leave Gatsby without it
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