Causes Of Dealing With Stress Essay

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Are you struggling with Stress –You can Fight it in 7 simple Ways
We often use the word ‘stress’ to describe an experience of being overwhelmed by things around us. Everybody-children, adults and older ones-may be affected by stress. This is because common life demands such as work, school, relationships, examinations and money problems cause stress. If these problems fail to go away, chronic stress sets in, interfering with other activities.
What are the common sources of stress?
Have you ever been under pressure? Are you struggling to cope with family or work responsibilities? Have you lost a loved one in death? Have you ever had a life threatening experience? If your answer is yes, you have probably had that unpleasant reaction-stress- to negative circumstances.
According to the
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No. Stress has been described as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on the source and how you perceive it. For many people, good or positive stress motivate them to accomplish tasks, meet deadlines and even fight diseases by boosting the immune system. Furthermore, the reaction you have when you sense danger-pounding heartbeats, faster breathing, and tense muscles-is stress ensuring you protect yourself.
Irrespective of the source, any form of stress that is prolonged is bad for your health. So, all stressful conditions can significantly contribute to poor mental, emotional or physical health. This is more likely to happen when stress is poorly managed or prolonged. For, example some try to cope by smoking, drinking, isolating themselves or taking it out on others.
So what is the way out? Do you know that it is possible to effectively manage and control stress? Follow these 7 tips to put the brake on stress:

Recognize the warning signs of

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