Causes Of Defective Education: Cause, And Quality Of Education In Schools

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Many causes have been attributed for wastage and stagnation. They are:
1. Defective administration
2. Bad environment
3. Ineffective method of teaching
4. Unsuitable curriculum
5. Defective system of examination
6. Public III- health
7. Illiteracy of parents and guardians
8. Dearth of finance
9. Social evils
Defective Administration. Our education system cannot be said to be completely free from defects. There are very few schools which can claim to be successful in making the mental, physical and moral development of the child, in most of the classes and colleges, the standard of teaching is low, there is lack of trained teachers, lack of educational implements or aim is a special feature and there is a great lack of educational buildings built in healthy environment. In such conditions neither the students are able to throw themselves heart and soul into the sacred task of acquiring and learning of knowledge nor are the teachers able to do their teaching work with complete enthusiasm and skill. Secondly, both teachers as well as the students are burdened with the task of receiving education and imparting education respectively and just pass their time.
Bad Environment. Ordinarily the students have to pass their time in vicious activities in schools as well as outside the schools. In each class there are a number of boys whose habits and behavior, method of conversation, etc. are deplorable. Such types of students never sincerely aim to pass

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