Causes Of Deforestation Essay

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Deforestation is a problem that is increasing dramatically over years leading a lot of effects that are harmful for the earth, animals and humans. There are a few problems that cause deforestation. First of all is the necessity of build infrastructure including houses and roads. Nowadays the demanding of new infrastructure is steadily growing that is why people need to log trees. Another reason why deforestation occurs is because climate change. Lately due to pollution and others factors rain fall less respect the past years. This can dry out the forest causing fire that burn hectares and fire is another problem that doesn’t help prevent the deforestation. 
There are also various person that contribute in deforestation such as private entrepreneurs, shifted cultivators and communities. Certanly this people do that for personal interest like gaining a lot of money so they don’t care if deforestation is a problem since for them is only a source of income. 
Eventhough this can sound strange also market can be affected by deforestation. The demands for industrial products made by trees is increasing a lot and in the future the pressure of having those products will grow even more. If they cannot log trees they will not have wood and this will cause a big loss in the industry and also in term of money.
The effects of deforestation are various but all of them put in danger the enviroment, the population and also animals. 
Deforestation leads to the increase of global warming.
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