Causes Of Deforestation

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A report by Gabrielle Kissinger of Lexeme Consulting in Vancouver and Martin Herold and Veronique De Sy of Wageningen University in the Netherlands stated that though industrial activities are the principal driver of deforestation and degradation worldwide, subsistence agriculture and fuel-wood consumption remains an important direct driver of deforestation, especially in Africa. Drivers vary on a regional scale. For example, cattle ranching and large-scale agriculture are major drivers of deforestation in Latin America, whereas palm oil development, intensive agriculture, and pulp and paper plantations are principal drivers in Indonesia.

Agriculture is the direct driver of roughly 80 percent of tropical deforestation, while logging is the biggest single driver of forest degradation, said that reports. Agricultural land expansion is generally viewed as the main source of deforestation contributing around 60 per cent of total tropical deforestation (Sumit and Ghosh, et al., 2012). Shifting cultivation, also known as slash and burn cultivation, involves clearing of natural forest cover to grow crops. Once the fertility if the soil decreases, a new location is chosen and the same process is followed. This has led to loss of vast forest cover in the under-developed agriculture countries.

Another direct cause of deforestation is the conversion of natural forest to plantations of economically viable trees such as rubber, oil palm, etc. has led to disappearance of vast tropical

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