Deforestation In Honduras Essay

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Deforestation happens all over the world and for many reasons. The causes of deforestation are quite simple. Some countries go through it as a way to expand their land, create more roadways for travel and transportation, or even as a necessary way to clear out land to produce crops. However, when it comes to deforestation in less developed countries it is typically not a good thing. Honduras being one of the world’s least developed countries is the highest in deforestation as well. So, what causes deforestation in Honduras, and what are the effects it has had on the country? Honduras is the leading country in deforestation due to agricultural demand and illegal logging in the last two decades. The agricultural need for flat land is the biggest…show more content…
Most people in Honduras live in the north where most of the factories for work are located, but indigenous people and anyone else living in the rural areas deal with most of the effects of deforestation. When you remove large areas of forest the climate will begin to change and effect anyone living around it. Since Honduras is a poor country it is harder to protect yourself from environmental changes. Also, by deforestation the water sources they use are no longer protected and leave rural and urban areas without good drinking water. Illegal logging is still a rising problem, because those doing so are not having to pay taxes on sales to other countries, and this is taking away from all wood sellers in the Honduras community. It becomes impossible for any legal wood companies to sell, because other countries are able to buy it much cheaper illegally. So, the economy is declining as the illegal logging business goes up and the people are highly affected by the unsafe rural regions they are left to live
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