Causes Of Deforestation

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According to many sources, Sydney 's number-one environmental problem is land degradation. Land degradation is caused by many seriously damaging environmental impacts. The most serious things include overgrazing by sheep, rabbits, soil nutrient exhaustion, soil erosion, man-made droughts, weeds, misguided governmental policies and salinization. In Sydney, the people kill, ruin and pollute more than half of all earthbound animals and plant species, sustainable freshwater supplies and soil. Deforestation can occur quickly especially in the Blue Mountains, through fire or clear-felling to make way for plantations, crops or pasture. Deforestation can also happen gradually over time. For example, as a result of unsustainable logging or climate change. In Sydney, deforestation is predominantly caused by agriculture, more intense and frequent fires and mining and infrastructure projects. New roads are being built and forests are demolished and destructive logging practices and unsustainable wood collection can eventually lead to a spiral of degradation. In Australia, agricultural expansion, primarily for beef cattle production, is the major leading driver of tree-clearing. Deforestation and tree-clearing is the major cause of habitat loss for many potentially endangered and endangered species. In Sydney, this includes the Tasmanian Devil, the Southern Cassowary, Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, the Carnaby 's cockatoo, Bennett 's tree kangaroo, the Cape York rock-wallaby, and
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