Causes Of Desertification Essay

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‘Poor land management and environmental pressures are degrading many of the world’s dryland areas. Despite international efforts to half desertification. The problem is worsening; one third of the earth’s land area, and as many as 850 million of the world’s poorest people, are potentially at risk’.
‘Sands of change’. The cover of UNEP publicity document, 1987
Desertification is an environmental challenge facing certain areas of the world today, it is the destruction of land where land has become arid and barren, and therefore vegetation growth becomes impossible due to the lack of nutrients and water in the soil. The causes of desertification are due to a multitude of factors, including climate change, human misuse of land and natural disasters which all contribute to the problem, but not one factor alone can be underlined. The areas of the world which are affected by desertification are located within The Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, North American Great Plains Central Asia and the Mediterranean amongst other areas in the world. The problem is extremely difficult to detain and costly. The negative impact creates even more problems in countries where land is scarce and people have little commodities to supplement their income and sources of food can become limited, with crop plantations and wild life unable to grow.
Causes of Desertification
Major causes of desertification are founded in the methods used by the population to cultivate land. They contribute

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