Causes Of Divorce In Modern Society

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There is someone for everyone. Life is only better when there is someone in a person 's life with whom they can share a lot of things. The marriage institution has been respected from the beginning of time. Apparently, it is losing its meaning. People get into marriages with different mindsets, and this is one of the reasons marriages don 't work in the modern society. In the past, marriage was something holy, and it was held high by the people. Religion played important role in making this institution strong. However, things have changed over the few years, and things are no longer the same. Unfaithfulness, lack of commitment, advancements in technology, and the changing role of women in the society has been made the rates of divorce to shoot in modern society.
The first cause of divorce in modern society is women independence. First of all, people used to get married and honor the vows (Burrell 225). In the ancient times, women played an important role in keeping the marriage. These women did not work to sustain the families but rather stayed at home to take care of them. These days, however, roles have changed. Women have been granted equal opportunities as men in the society. The modern woman can work and sustain herself and the kids. This independence has allowed women to leave the unhappy marriage they are living in, and still provide for themselves and her kids, which has made the marriages lose their meanings. The fight for gender equality that was started in the
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