Causes Of Domestic Tourism In Malaysia

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Nowadays tourism have become one of the most important sector in this world , because it bring a lot of benefits for each country and contribute a lot in world economics . Domestic tourism also is the most important element for the country itself , it brings good income to the country , let local people more realize their country culture and custom , just like Malaysia . Malaysia is the country which make tourists from different country and local people feel interest to it , because of many tourism destinations that offer high quality activities and products . Malaysia had became one of the country that worth to visit because of some popular buildings , for example is KLCC , KL tower . Domestic tourism had let Malaysian knew deeply about their country and make Malaysian proud for it . Malaysia become successful not without reason , there are some factors that contribute to growth of domestic tourism . First factor is afraid of air accident . Malaysian decide to travel in their own country might afraid of air accident . There are some cases that affect people in Malaysia avoid to travel by airplane and choose to travel in their own country , which is MH370 , MH17 and Airasia 8501 . These three airplanes had crash and disappear during fly to destination . MH370 and 239 passengers was disappear and contact interrupt with control tower , MH17 was shoot down by Ukraine and 283 passengers dead , Airasia 8501 and 162 passengers crash by bad weather . These three airplanes crash
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