Causes Of Domestic Violence In Pakistan

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c2) Violence :
In Pakistan, women face multiple forms of violence including various types of sexual violence by strangers, family members and state agents, domestic violence that includes being burned, disfiguration with acid, being beaten and threatened, psychological abuse, ritiual killings, etc.
According to HRCP 's report, the worst victims of violence belong to the poor or middle class. This the report links is because of their resourcelessness. They suffer inside homes and with any strength if they do gather to go to the authorities about it, they suffer their as well.
> Domestic violence:
The most prevalent form of violence is domestic violence. This form often goes far beyond a psychological torture and results in forced marriages, amputation, denial of food, physical torture, rape and shaving of eyebrows and hair. The perpetrators, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, are identified as either being the victims husband, the in-laws or her father or brother. For the worse, about 70 to 90% (maybe more) suffer domestic violence within Pakistan. That 's a horrible scenario to take into account. To add, the victims in case are often blamed for deserving what they get because they fail to take care of their husbands.
Male supremacy and subordination by females together paint the picture for such unfathomable conditions for women. In a report by the United Nations, domestic violence is legitimized by the structure of the family (that which depicts a

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