Causes Of Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse as one of the major social issues affecting our societies

The social issues are the problems that we come across in our communities in which some of them are controllable and others affect the lives of the society. Social issues can further defined as a condition that at least some people in community view as being undesirable as it seen as a pattern of behavior that harms some individuals or all people in the society. These social issues are almost unfavorable to our community and the government is spending millions of rands trying to fight these issues but today we are still living under severe fear because of its bad outcomes.
One of the social problems is drug abuse which destroys the lives of the youth in our communities as the research found out that most parents are living under a lot of stress and troubles they face in their lives. Drug abuse causes addiction which is defined as the mental disease which changes the structure and the functioning of the brain and causes the compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug addict and those around them. It is a brain disease because the abuse of drug leads to the changes in the functioning of the brain and the brain controls all the activities of the human body.

Causes of drug abuse among the youth in our societies
Most of the causes of drug abuse are peer pressure whereby the youth takes drug to be cool in the eyes of their friends and the other example might be the
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