Causes Of Economic Development Of Germany

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The cause of economic history of Germany in 19th century The economic development of a country depends on so many factors . For example political, the trade of economic, the development of industrialization, resources of the country , even the leader’s leadership and so on these internal factors. Even the development of the world this external factors. In mid - the nineteenth Century, when the British completed the industrial revolution, German was still a backward agricultural country. But in 1871, after reunification, it is at a high speed to leap forward, with 30 years of time became the first in Europe, the second in the world. The speed of development, high level, great achievement was amazing .Germany can rapid rise in the industrial country in a short period, there are a lot of reasons. Medieval Germany is a fragmented state. Until the second half of the 19th century, it was still a division of territory. On a total of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land, nearly entrenched feudal neighbors. Due to political divisions, economic development has been severely hampered . After the establishment of the Empire, the state implemented many important policy measures to promote the development of economy and culture to the modernization of capitalism. In 1871, after the reunification of Germany, according to the constitution of the Empire, the imperial government concentrated belonged to the state of the political, economic and military

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