Causes Of Education And Unemployment

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Research Question: “Education can alleviate youth unemployment.”
In today’s context, the topic of youth unemployment is referred to unemployment of young people within the age range of 14–28 years old while education, which is commonly linked to the cause of youth unemployment, the preparing oneself for mature life intellectually. Education helps alleviate youth unemployment as long as it equips the youth with some basic knowledge and skills which will be useful when looking for a job. More than half of those without jobs claim that it is hard to find one—all while businesses across Europe insist they struggle to find young people with the skills they need. In Europe, 74% of education providers were confident that their graduates were prepared for work, but only 38% of youth and 35% of employers agreed. Our purpose of this investigation is to look into whether the cause of youth unemployment is mainly because of education or other factors.
Spain has a 30% dropout rate at the high school level and a 50% dropout rate at the tertiary level, the highest in Europe. Education ranks low in terms of the quality as the standard of training programs provided is not up to par. On the other hand, Germany provides students with a platform called the vocational training system to allow the students to acquire skills (theory) and practise the usage of these skills by giving them the opportunity to go out to work through a system (practice). Thus in this essay, we will be focusing on the
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