Causes Of Employee Dissatisfaction

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Herzberg in the case of the 1844 survey found that the main causes of employee dissatisfaction is due to the company's executive management. Policy processes, oversight organizations,working,conditions,wages,status,security and mismanagement caused by other human relations. Although these factors are improved, but not so that employees become satisfied, not really inspire the enthusiasm of employees, can only play the role of employee dissatisfaction lift, so this factor is called hygiene factors. Research shows that if hygiene factors can not be met, tend to make employees generate discontent, slacking, or even cause strikes against the behavior. Herzberg in the case of another 1753 survey found that making employees feel very satisfied factors,…show more content…
In such a social and cultural rights owned by the citizens do not care about wealth or between them; class or grade differences in profit caused just chase status between people, whether equality of opportunity, so called low power distance culture; If the culture of a country or society is to comply with the hierarchical system to rank and wealth resulting from the difference right there is a very high recognition, then such communication between national or social level, there are strict limitations, which is called the high power distance.
In the workplace, superiors and subordinates in high power distance cultures consider each other as essentially unequal. All the employees are put in a hierarchical system that is based on this inequality. Signs of status contribute to the authority of superiors,and subordinates often accept the authority of their superiors even though they may ideologically reject it. However, in low power distance cultures, people value independence more than conformity and dislike privileges given to managers.

Individualism versus
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Dominant values are material success and progress, money and things.Managers are decisive and assertive; stress is on equity, competition, and performance. Conflict is resolved by fighting them out. Feminine/ Modesty characteristics include good working relationships, cooperation, desirable living area for family, and employment security. Dominant values are caring for others and preservation, people and relationships are important, modest, fighting minimized, work to live, stress quality of work lief, and resolve conflict by compromise and

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